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Fighting Is Meant for the Boxing Ring, Not Your Relationship. Gain Effective Conflict Solutions Right Here!

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When Defining My Relationship, I Use One Word: Happy

In the almost 6 years my husband and I have been together, we have never had one:

■ Fight or
■ Screaming match

But if you’re like the other people I’ve told this to, you’re likely thinking, “But every relationship has their share of fights. It makes the relationship stronger”

I’ve heard it all before, believe me.

Even people telling me that not fighting in a relationship isn’t “normal”.

But they’re wrong. 

Does that mean we agree on everything? Of course not.

We disagree on politics. We definitely disagree on how optimistic one should be. We disagree – but we never fight.

No one ever said relationships were easy, but nobody has taught just how easy it can be to have one that feels happy. Intimate. Close. 

But I’m here now with the tools to show you how.

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All Couples Have Conflict… Until they learn the proper tools

How do you feel when your partner does something that irritates, insults, disappoints, or bothers you? 

Do you react by using negativity, shame, blame, or criticism? 

Whether there’s a minor, serious, or severe issue, it’s possible to have a fight-free relationship. But you’ll have to adjust your reactions.

How? Join my monthly live Tools for a Fight-Free Relationship class and find out!

Revive the romance and remove negativity from daily interactions to help you:

  • Remember why you chose your mate
  • Resolve the power struggle that prevents greater intimacy
  • Learn to listen—really listen—to your partner so you’ll be heard
  • Increase fun, laughter, intimacy, and closeness in your relationship
  • Become passionate friends with your partner
  • Achieve a common vision of your dream relationship

What Do I Mean by “Fight-Free”?

When you or your partner experience a over abundance of stress, fear, or anxiety in your relationship, you can quickly move through your emotions, de-escalate your anger and frustration, and come back to peace. Quickly.

This will lead you toward mutual understanding and respect without emotionally vomiting each other.

The Monthly Live “Tools for a Fight-Free Relationship” Class Overview Includes:

What you can expect to learn from the live classes

■ Balance: A mental tool that eliminates half the fights before they even happen

■ 3-Part Apology: The most effective apology tool ever

■ Love Languages: Learn how to use these effectively for increased closeness and understanding

■ How to Talk About Issues: Avoid defensiveness and get them hearing you

■ The Bitch Method: Learn to reduce resentment once and for all

■ Using Silence Effectively: One of the most effective tools you’ll ever use

■ Using Gratitude: AKA how to get the BEST out of your partner

Let’s open the door to deeply loving and lasting relationships together. And come away with tools that give you greater results in ALL your relationships

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Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach
Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach





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