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Where there’s a heart of love, there will always be healing. It’s time to begin a new life with love, happiness, and these life-changing books!

Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach



Welcome, my Love! I’m Chantal Heide, known as Canada’s Dating Coach.

Chantal Heide Canada's Dating Coach


These books are the perfect storm of nerdy science and human experience (combined with a love of teaching) all culminating into your guide for creating awesomeness.

So, if you’re tired…

■ Tired of selfish, short term thinkers.

■ Tired of fighting with the man who makes you laugh more than anyone else in this world.

■ Tired of a broken heart and ready for someone who will love and appreciate you.

Then you’ll want to join me.

Discover Just How Natural Dating Can Truly Be

Dating is not easy — especially in today’s culture. But, there is still hope for love to thrive.

You just have to know how to navigate it.

But, how? Well, that’s easy. Right here!

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“This book is LIFE CHANGING. Of all the books I’ve read about relationships, growth, love, and dating, this book is by far the most profound.

I read it cover to cover in 2 days, highlighting, bookmarking, and journaling alongside it. After I finished, I felt focused and excited to begin a new path filled with self-love, focus, empowerment, and calm.

If you’ve hit a wall and feel like your dating life controls your mood and mental state more than it should, if you keep getting stuck with the wrong person and if you want a simple, effective way out – this book is for you.

Best book I’ve ever read and I have so much gratitude for the universe guiding Chantal Heide to write this book and guiding me to find it on the Internet.”

Become an Emotional Overcomer in Relationships

It’s fantastic over here on the blissful side of relationships, and I made it happen via a formula that anyone can use. 

And all you have to do? Pick up one of my best-selling books and start reading…

Delve Deeper into Your Self-Love Journey

Life can be difficult to navigate. But, It’s never too early or too late to break through years of built up hurt and anger, and keep the magic of love at your fingertips. 

You don’t have to feel confused, doubtful, overwhelmed, and alone.

So, don’t miss out on a chance to delve deeper into your self-love journey with these life-changing books!

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Finding real love and happiness isn’t as hard as we’re conditioned to think, and it’s time to lean into the simple approach we should have been taught long ago.

From guiding singles into stable relationships to calming issues between couples, my books’ targeted advice time and again proves itself to be quick, effective, and best of all, calming.

Book 1 | Comeback Queen: Make a Triumphant Return to Dating After Divorce

Book 2 | No More Assholes: Your 7-Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re looking For

Book 3 | After The First Kiss: Making Your First Year Together Ridiculously Awesome

Book 4 | Fix That Shit: A Couples Guide to Getting Past The Sticky Stuff

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You left the middle school playground behind years ago, so why are you still dealing with guys who play games?

Or maybe you already have the love of your life (kudos to you!), but things aren’t looking too good in the romance department…

Dating is not easy — especially in today’s culture. But, there is still hope for love to thrive.

Book 1 | No More Assholes: Your Seven Step Guide To Saying Goodbye To Guys And Finding The Real Man You’re Looking For

Book 2 | Fix That Shit: A Couples Guide To Getting Past The Sticky Stuff

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2-Ebook Bundle Deal

Bundle 2 Books Fix That Shit

How do you stop the cycle of fights to heal a relationship?

Because a relationship takes two, you can discover how to build a stronger relationship together that is resistant to pain and fear and open to long-term and successful love.

Book 1 | Fix That Shit: A Woman’s Guide to Getting Past the Sticky Stuff
Book 2 | Fix That Shit for Men: A Man’s Guide to Getting Past the Sticky Stuff

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