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“Less talk. More action.”

This has been my battle cry since Monday, October 16th 2017, when the hashtag “#Me Too” burst onto social media and flooded all of our feeds with victims voices, letting us know loud and clear the sheer number of them out there.

So many women and men, I lost count.

On Tuesday a much smaller number of conversations took place as some late replies popped up. Then Wednesday, a deafening silence.

Over and over I called out on Facebook, asking this question: What will you do? Will you let this incident fade into the noise of our daily distractions, only for the roar to swell again when another perpetrator is outed and dozens of women rise from the ashes of their downfall?

Or will you do something?

I listed the actions I would take; writing a chapter in upcoming my book for teens (Dating 101) about recognizing sexual abuse of power, talking to my Zonta Club members about supporting more local empowerment causes.

And today I came up with an idea that can be a course of action for you. One that will help end this epidemic of victimization on a vast scale. One that’s not just a win for you, but a win for society as well. Because we need to stop failing women by failing to teach them how to deal with aggression.

Curious? Good. Read on. We’re fighting a war here, and I need every soldier I can get.

I’m going to start a workshop called NO. It is for every person who wants to learn how to thwart people like the Cosby’s and Weinsteins and Trumps and O’Reilleys of the world.

It’s where you go to learn how to recognize their behaviour on a micro level, so it never gets to a point where these boys feel entitled to make you sick with their words or touch.

It’s where you learn to use your actions to stop theirs. It’s where you go to practice so you’re not shocked if it happens to you. You’ve safely been there, done that.

It’s where you learn your power, and how to exert it.

It’s where you go to learn exactly when, and exactly how, to say NO.

I’m going to be starting this locally, but I want this workshop to go far and wide. Sign up below so you’ll know when and where this workshop takes place. If this is something you want to do, I’ll find a way to get this to you.

Listen, we can’t stop this behaviour with stopping this behaviour.

As a Sociologist and expert in human behaviour the sad truth is we are designed to test boundaries among ourselves, but it’s the assholes of the world who abuse that fact and leave deep scars on our psyche, and the only way to stop this is one by one, every single time it happens.

You can. You should. And I want to say, you will, stop this.

Sign up below and join the war not only with words, but with your actions too. I’ve got your battle armour and your spear right here.

Here’s what you can do today.

Action Plan:

  • Sign up below so when we’re ready to go, you’re ready to go

  • Share this page with your friends. Get the word out. The more there are of us who know how, the less there are of them who become victimized.

  • Follow my Facebook page for more updates (in case you miss the email)




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