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September 1, 2015
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September 14, 2015

Three Factors For a Thriving Relationship

There are three things a good relationship can’t be good without. Okay, maybe, but good, probably not. Here they are:


1. Be kind.

The most basic way of predicting whether or not a relationship will (happily) withstand the test of time is whether or not each person practices kindness combined with responsiveness. Being conscious of how you acknowledge your partner is the best way you can practice this step. When they call your name, really look at them and say, “yes honey?” with your full attention. We always say, “It’s the little things that matter”, but we don’t think as much about them as we should. Those dozen little acts of kindness a day really add up in someone’s sense of being loved.




2. Be understanding.

If you want an amazing relationship, make it your responsibility to understand the human being in front of you. There’s a quiz you can find called “The Five Love Languages”, and it’s amazing for taking your first step deep into someone’s heart. I often have people take this test, and more often than not they are surprised at the results. So be a detective and dig deep into who your partner is, and in the process help them figure themselves out too.

The third one, well I knew it was out there, so I asked my husband who said, “do what I tell you to do”, and then dodged a nipple pinch. But I thought about that one some more, and it makes sense. So number three is;


3. Respect your partner’s needs.

Learn their boundaries, and hold them as dear as your own. Listen to what they say makes them happy, and what will make them feel hurt. Be fine-tuned to what they’re saying, and most importantly, what they’re not saying. In other words, being sensitive to your partner is just as important as asking them to be sensitive to you.

Don’t wait to be the recipient of these behaviours before offering them. If you’ve been wise enough to choose the right partner and a great relationship is really what you want, practicing these three key factors will have a beautiful payoff in the form of a loving, bonded relationship.




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Chantal Heide – Canada’s Dating Coach

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