Why Guys Don’t Like Me, Men Appreciate Me, and Women Love Me

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September 11, 2017
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Why Guys Don’t Like Me, Men Appreciate Me, and Women Love Me


Guys don’t like me, and I’m okay with that.


You see, I’m not on their side, and they know it. I make things harder for them because I let women know what to look for when they want long term committed relationships, and I teach them how to WAIT for what they want.


This doesn’t work for guys… they like that time when a woman is giving her all, hoping it’s enough to secure what they’re looking for. They don’t tell women, “Look, I decided long ago what category you fit into, and it’s not Wife. But… keep trying! This homemade meal followed by awesome sex is great! Thanks!”


Men appreciate me because they’re the ones on the sidelines, wondering why women aren’t available or responding to their gestures.


They love that SOMEONE is telling women how to be available for love, respect, and dedication. They want women to understand that the road to a long term and loving relationship starts with OBSERVATION, something that takes time. They love being faced with a woman who says, “Show me that you’re worth my heart”, because they get so much satisfaction from winning the ultimate prize – the admiration of the woman who’s caught their attention.


Women love me, because I teach them.


I teach them they’re worth more than the bare minimum. I teach them that sex isn’t the deciding factor to a man’s heart but compatibility and personality are, and that a man will wait for sex, no problem.  I teach them HOW to say, “I like you, but I’m going to wait to see who you are before giving you what you want.” I teach them that men respect that and guys have better things to do than wait, and I teach them it’s okay to sit back and let people decide what they want so they can better understand what’s going to be best for them in the long term.



I teach women their value to the world in general, and I teach them how to be calm, peaceful, loving leaders in their relationships. Yes, guys don’t like me. But that’s okay. Because I’m teaching women how to live in a world full of men. And if in the long run more guys become men to be with the women I teach, then I’ve done something good today.


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Chantal Heide – Canada’s Dating Coach

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