My Meditation challenge continues
My Meditation challenge continues!
April 9, 2015
Life Is As Amazing As You Want It To Be
April 9, 2015

If You Decide To Be Strong, You Will Be

The hardest part about growth can come from the people around us. Through our instincts we seek approval by peer groups, a trait that is fundamentally necessary for survival; but when we don’t receive it the way we may need it can feel crushing, and our feelings of disappointment can be a hard hill to climb.


This is where creating a foundation that begins in the quiet of your mind and spreads to an appreciation of your existence can help you overcome the “static” caused by every day life and the baggage it can contain. We all have experiences through which we’ve developed conditioning, and for the majority of us it hasn’t all been hunky-dory.

It is through this baggage that the energy we put out and transmit to others becomes tainted, and though we would like for EVERYONE to be strong enough to do less negative “infecting” and more positive “affecting”, sometimes we just need to learn to be strong enough for two people…Strong enough for you to overcome those moments when other peoples energy interrupts the vibe you are working on building, and strong enough to appreciate the pain others may be coming from, even when they don’t intend to spill it unto you.


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