If You Decide To Be Strong, You Will Be
If You Decide To Be Strong, You Will Be
April 9, 2015

My Meditation challenge continues!

Meditation challenge continues! I got hubby on board too, because he has been feeling overwhelmed for the past few years and he really needs to shrink his amygdala (the brains fight or flight center). I may have bullied him into it a bit…but he’s on board so far and I’m looking forward to him coming home and saying, “you know, this happened today and it didn’t stress me out the way it normally would…hmmm”

My Meditation challenge continues!

I’m halfway through my second 8 week set, and I’m noticing some pretty neat differences. Time seems to feel different for one thing, maybe because there isn’t so much stress associated to it. I have the ability now to have reactions without stressing about them too, like something will happen that will shock me (like the guy in front of me on the 401 who quickly slowed to 60 because someone two lanes over did a funny maneuver), and I’ll feel the adrenaline making my heart go a thousand beats a second, but my brain will feel unaffected. My motivation and ability to get my love project off the ground is AMAZING, and I’m not even worried. I feel confident, and am in fact getting visions of how incredible this experience will be for me. Beautiful, bright clear visions that make me cry…and lessons. Wow, the lessons.

For example, I had a vision last week, seeing a beautiful back yard with close cut grass sloping down to water. My back patio was large marble stones, with simple dark rattan furniture. I could see my legs up on the lounger, as I looked down my back yard to the water. I looked at this, and the thought, “this will be yours, if you accept it” washed over me. I realized, for this dream to come true I cannot reject it. I have to feel that this belongs to me, that I deserve this, in order to be a reality one day. Big lesson, one you would think is so easy, but how many times has someone paid you a compliment or wanted to buy you a gift and you shrank inside because part of you doesn’t feel you deserve it? Part of you loves it, yes, but part of you rejects it because of a little thing called cognitive dissonance. It’s like the smoker who LOVES the cigarette, but KNOWS it’s so wrong. Most of us have this inside our heads, certainly I do. But this moment, this very moment when the Universe was showing me what it would offer me, I had to be absolutely clear that I am deserving of that beautiful back yard with the marble patio and gentle sloping yard to the beautiful water. Because if any part of me said, “no”, then how could the Universe possibly help me achieve it?

Meditate on my friends, and help your dreams come true…Make your own 8 week chart and start posting updates! I would LOVE to see who else is doing this and hear about what’s happening with you!


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